Vives captures the authentic appeal of the Swinging Sixties with the Pop Tile range

Vives captures the authentic appeal of the Swinging Sixties with the Pop Tile range

May 2020

A rectified 150 by 150mm rectified porcelain range, the Pop Tile Collection from Vives transports us back into the heyday of the Swinging 60s; with designs full of colour and shape that reflect the vibrant and optimistic character of this iconic era.

The base tile of the series is called Sixties and is available in a wide variety of colours (Nacre, Ivory, Smoke, Marengo, Celeste, Ocher, Amber, and Chocolate) to combine within each other and with the other decorated designs.

Ten decorated designs complement and fill this collection with a splash of colour with a marked retro character:

Wha has an unmistakable minimalist personality with a strong yet simple design: a black circle on a Nacar base that is capable of transforming all kinds of spaces.

Popart creates dynamic surface compositions with different designs inspired by Pop Art and a powerful colour palette.

Carnegie presents a cheerful pattern of floral motifs and beautiful shades.  Marquee delivers the design power of a  kaleidoscope: a design born from an encaustic inspiration.

Ferus represents the purest retro style in a composition of pop art designs that flood the surface with light and dynamic hues.

Saville delivers a powerful marengo print; while Cavern creates a relaxed and peaceful environment with a soft grey scale and flowery design.  Fluxus is a geometric design of ochre and amber tones inspired by iconic 1960’s art works; while Bethel is the embodiment of the bohemian spirit. Finally, Bonnie captures the flirtatious spirit of the age with a timeless charm that fits perfectly in any decorative style
The Pop Tile Collection is designed for those spaces in which contemporary design icons can happily co-exist with the aesthetics of yesteryear.

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